Let’s find some easter eggs. Now I’m not going to talk about the small nods that are given to the super die-hard fans that are just there for fun but a few main ones that I think may have an effect on the future of the MCU.

Cosmo, the astronaut dog. In the comics, he is an earth dog from…

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Welp, Hercules was our 100th post on Science Fiction Double Feature. Not to toot our own horns (Terry’s horn practically toots itself), but barring a few admin things and the odd reblog this has all been our own work, and we’ve both grown as writers because of it.

But we would’ve given up long…

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Wait a minute.

I said Guardians of the Galaxy was science fictional (at least in the Bradburyan sense) because the fact that Peter Quill is from 1988 Earth gives it a relevance that say Star Wars doesn’t have.

Except… Is he from Earth? Is he human in a way that matters to us, that means we…



Brett Ratner’s movie Hercules is a movie in which the character Hercules embodies the movie Hercules itself (that isn’t a spoiler, but there will be some).

I’ve only just gotten around to watching this movie. It didn’t look that interesting, but tickets were cheap, I felt like watching The Rock…



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Not long after the Angus and Robertson in Hunter Street mall opened I went in and got a copy of John Clute’s The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Science Fiction. In amongst the Metropolises and Space Odysseys it showed me it also made mention of Action Comics and the Richard Donner films and Adam…

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What a bunch of A-holes! Not really though. I had super high expectations for this movie and it met and then exceeded them, and all credit needs to go to writer/director James Gunn. He took a relatively unknown Marvel property and created a well written, fun,…

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Bad Neighbours (2014)

So on Sunday afternoon my wife and I went to the movies for the first time in about 9months and saw the advanced screenings of Bad Neighbours. Now I’ll start off saying that this is NOT a movie for kids! There was a mum with four kids, all under 12, sitting near us and you could feel the awkwardness… Movies have ratings for a reason, take note of them… End rant!
Now the movie…
I’ve always enjoyed these college humour comedies, I just find them really easy to watch and fun to watch as well.
Bad Neighbours was one of the funniest I’ve seen for a while basic premise is a young married couple, Seth Rogan and Rose Burns, have invested all they have into a nice neighbourhood only for a frat house lead by Zac Efron to move in next door.
Zac Efron has defiantly moved on from his High School Musical days and plays this role really well. Here he plays the president aid the frat house and the antagonist to the the neighbours next door but also he also has a deeper, well as deep as you can go in a college humour comedy, side as well.
I have to admit I was worried how Seth Rogan would go playing a father, not like in Knocked Up, but with the girl and baby already. He really surprised me he still acted to his strengths and created a relatable character. He and Rose Burns worked well together and provided some great comedic moments.
There were a couple of laugh out loud moments which had the whole cinema in laughter and definitely some cringe worthy moments to boot but all in all if you are a fan of this genre and want a laugh, not minding some heavy swearing, pot smoking or sex jokes then check it out, if not wait till it comes out on DVD.
It is one of those movies you can flick on sit back on a weekend and just enjoy a laugh without having to concentrate to much.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

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I had the incredible privilege of meeting Rich and Hillary Froning last weekend. One of my great friends and one of our coaches at CrossFit 806, Brooks Boyett, came up with the idea of bringing Rich in as a fundraiser for his ministry, Mission 2540. We have been planning this for months,…

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