Bad Neighbours (2014)

So on Sunday afternoon my wife and I went to the movies for the first time in about 9months and saw the advanced screenings of Bad Neighbours. Now I’ll start off saying that this is NOT a movie for kids! There was a mum with four kids, all under 12, sitting near us and you could feel the awkwardness… Movies have ratings for a reason, take note of them… End rant!
Now the movie…
I’ve always enjoyed these college humour comedies, I just find them really easy to watch and fun to watch as well.
Bad Neighbours was one of the funniest I’ve seen for a while basic premise is a young married couple, Seth Rogan and Rose Burns, have invested all they have into a nice neighbourhood only for a frat house lead by Zac Efron to move in next door.
Zac Efron has defiantly moved on from his High School Musical days and plays this role really well. Here he plays the president aid the frat house and the antagonist to the the neighbours next door but also he also has a deeper, well as deep as you can go in a college humour comedy, side as well.
I have to admit I was worried how Seth Rogan would go playing a father, not like in Knocked Up, but with the girl and baby already. He really surprised me he still acted to his strengths and created a relatable character. He and Rose Burns worked well together and provided some great comedic moments.
There were a couple of laugh out loud moments which had the whole cinema in laughter and definitely some cringe worthy moments to boot but all in all if you are a fan of this genre and want a laugh, not minding some heavy swearing, pot smoking or sex jokes then check it out, if not wait till it comes out on DVD.
It is one of those movies you can flick on sit back on a weekend and just enjoy a laugh without having to concentrate to much.

Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy.

Sam, first time reviewer!

Thanks for the invite Terry and Tim



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I Want My Nerd HQ

Zachary Levi and the Nerd Machine family need your help to fund Nerd HQ 2014! Nerd HQ is a free experience for fans during the weekend of SDCC to test out the newest video games, gadgets, and tech, as well as give fans the opportunity to attend celebrity conversation panels (which Zac livestreams), photo-ops and signing-ops. In addition, funds raised during this event are contributed to the charity, Operation Smile.

Typically, they fund the event solely through Sponsorships, but last year it didn’t work out and essentially almost ended Nerd HQ. If you can spare $5 to this campaign that would be amazing, but if not, then don’t worry at all. You can show your support by spreading the word for this wonderful cause :D